Summary: Electrical engineer with full-stack development experience pertaining to signal processing.

Current GitHub Hobby Project: MSMSAA Website


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering: May 2004
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, College of Engineering, Boulder, CO

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical & Electrical Engineering: January 2001
BOSTON UNIVERSITY, College of Engineering, Boston, MA


ITT Advanced Engineering and Sciences, Greenbelt, MD
Communications Engineer
December 2008 - July 2011
  • Developed software for satellite communication analysis (primarily Java and Excel Macros)
  • Conduct link budge and interference analyses
  • Conducted satellite communication analyses using Satellite Toolkit (STK)
Signal Systems Corporation, Severna Park, MD
Engineer II
June 2005 - May 2008
  • Modified ASP code, Javascript, and MySQL for a custom database application
  • Completed the layout of several circuit boards and assisted with the design of some power supplies
  • Implemented an alpha, beta, gamma tracker in Matlab
  • Conducted several field tests to determine the effectiveness of windscreens on the acoustic properties of microphones
Level 3 Communications, Broomfield, CO
September 2004 - December 2004
  • Developed processes and documentation to instruct newly hired NOC technicians how to resolve common problems
  • Modified Python code to provide better network analysis and troubleshooting information to NOC and service management technicians on a VoIP product
  • Organized a maintainable website using Microsoft Sharepoint to serve the needs of three groups within the NOC
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Research Assistant
September 2003 - May 2004
  • Developed a method to classify foreign accent in American English
  • Conducted systematic listener tests, developed in Matlab, to determine the accent sensitivity of native and non-native listeners of American English
  • Implemented Perl and C shell scripts to reduce the time required to process a large number of data files
  • Analyzed and debugged C++ code developed by a former student
Teradyne, Boston, MA
Test Development Engineer
January 2001 - November 2001
  • Developed software and hardware to test boards in a system-on-a-chip tester
  • Worked closely with development engineers to understand hardware and software requirements
  • Designed PCBs with Cadence to interface with external metering devices
  • Designed software with C to systematically change the settings of meters and power supplies and provide technicians with readable error messages
  • Debugged both hardware and software by running tests on functional systems, revising the board and code as necessary


Operating System Familiarity:
Solaris — 4 years
Linux — 8 years
MacOS X — 4 years
Windows — 8 years

Programming Languages:
C — years
C++ — 1 year
Java — < 4 year
Matlab — 8 years
Perl — 4 years
PHP — 1 year
Python — 1 year
Ruby — 1 year

Android Studio — 2 years
Cadence — 1 year
Goldwave — 2 years
MS Developer Studio — 1 year
MS Office — 8 years
SQL Server — < 1 year
MySQL — 2 years
Powerview — 1 year
PSPICE — 1 year

Volunteer Experience:

  • CASA of Baltimore (March 2009 to March 2010)
  • Sanitas Terrace HOA Board (January 2015 to present)
  • Intercambio (May 2017 to present)


P. Angkititrakul, J.H.L. Hansen, S. Baghaii, "Cluster-dependent Modeling and Confidence Measure Processing for In-set/Out-of-set Speaker Identification", in ICSLP, Korea Oct. 2004.